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    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Payday Loans

    The Reason Why Most Lending Agencies Offer Payday Loans to Consumers Č The reason why most lending agencies offer payday loans to consumers is the minimal amount of paperwork that the procedure requires. You need not go through Social Security Number and must not have a bank account to take out loans. The procedure can be concluded online and can be concluded in a fraction of the time that you would need if you were working with a conventional lender. When you are working with a lending agent, they will be able to determine if you are going to survive the procedure. This procedure will take only an hour or…

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    Central Intelligence and Supply Chain Management

    I’ve changed the course of focus for a central business intelligence technology report this month, “Business Intelligence and Supply Chain Management: Sales Organization Costs.” This report is about improving your supply chain management, and it requires a systematic approach and command of the data to do it. For example, when I was appointed CIO, the theft and waste were so wrong on the business side of the house that it had never crossed my desk as a CIO before. I immediately ordered an automated system to store this information, move it somewhere where it would not get mixed up with purchases, and then, track the trends. Keep in mind that…

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