EVS Multicultural Kids, Kielce, Poland

Erasmus +Duration: 10 months (01.09.2016 – 30.06.2017)
Venue: Kielce, Poland
Funded by: Erasmus+ Programme, Polish National Agency
Hosting Organisation: 19th Kindergarten of Kielce
Coordinating organisation: Volunteer Center in Kielce
8 volunteers from Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Hungary

Volunteer Center in Kielce was established in 1997 as a programme of the Foundation of Development of Local Democracy. It became an independent organisation in 2005. Our main aim is to raise understanding of volunteering, youth participation and development of youth initiatives. We act as a volunteering job-center match-making organisations and institutions looking for volunteers with people who are motivated to become volunteers.

General Information

The main aim of the project « Multicultural Kids » is :

  • to bring non-formal education into schools and kindergarden,
  • develop attitudes of openness and tolerance towards others and foreigners among children and youth in Kielce
  • to enhance volunteers’ personal development and offer them an experience of youth work

This project involves 6 volunteers from different European countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Hungary) placed in different placements in the city of Kielce. The volunteers will live together and be coordinated as a team by the Volunteer Centre of Kielce.

About the placement at the 19th Kindergarten of Kielce:

The Kindergarten Nr 19 in Kielce is a public institution operating since 1989. Currently 200 children aged 3-6 years old visit this Kindergarten – children with various abilities and disabilities. The aim of the kindergarden is to provide care, education, health and safe growth for all the preschoolers. Children without any disability can develop their sense of responsibility, sensitivity, openness and tolerance. Disabled children grow in an inclusive environment giving them a sense of affiliation. They become more open and prepared for everyday life and further education. The staff of the Kindergarden gives equal chances to both groups and runs activities according to children needs and capacities. There are special classrooms for sensorial therapies and offices for a speech therapies in the Kindergarten. Apart from regular activities there are also activities such as Eurythmics, gymnastic, art and English classes. In some cases children undertake individual education.

Volunteer’s tasks include:

  • 3 hours per day: help with everyday basic activities, such as organising meals, having walks, implementing games and workshops for the children, reading books, etc.
  • 2 hours per day: organising special activities for children with special needs together with professional staff members
  • 2 hours per day: preparation and organisation of special events, such as meetings with people presenting their profession, sport competitions, special events for Children’s Day, etc.
  • 1,5 hour/ two times per week: Polish language classes

The European Intercultural Forum e. V. is sending one volunteer to this placement.