Here is an overview relevant educational manuals that have been published by the European Intercultural Forum e. V. or its workers.

Mainstreaming Peace Education, Methodologies, Approaches and Visions: A Practioner’s Manual

mpe_manual_coverAuthors: Sandy Ascenso Carreira, Tiphaine Coulardeau,  Elisenda Gonzales, Elif Kalan, Gracia Romeral Ortiz Quintilla,  Sebastian Schweitzer, Imre Veeneman,  Meghann Aurea Villanueva
Editing Team: Roderick Bessling, Tiphaine Coulardeau,  Sebastian Schweitzer, Meghann Aurea Villanueva
Date of publication: July 2014 | Language: English

On July 30, 2014 the Mainstreaming Peace Education Learning Partnership launched its Practitioner’s Manual.

The Manual is the outcome of a two-year Learning Partnership of the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission – implemented jointly by civil society organisations from Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The Manual aims to provide a practical guide for peace education in lifelong learning. It focuses on presenting the overall framework for peace education, sets out a strategic approach to mainstreaming peace education and provides examples of projects and initiatives in peace education implemented by European civil society organisations.

Volunteering in Georgia – A Handbook

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.39.36Authors: Sebastian Schweitzer and Tiphaine Coulardeau
Editor: Academy for Peace and Development, Tbilisi, Georgia
Date of publication: Oct. 2008 (Re-edition in 2014) | Language: english | ISBN: 978-9941007255

“Georgia is a mysterious country for most people all around the world. This handbook is dedicated to all brave young people just dreaming or already packing to confront themselves to their Georgian adventure to come as European Volunteers.

Reading this booklet will give these newly-hatched volunteers some sense of orientation in the confusing reality of their new environment with plenty of unknown events, circumstances, encounters, haps and mishaps in a sonic dramatic decor of particularly obscure expressions like … Marshrutka, Giorgoba, Mtskheta, Khvanchkara…”

If you plan to move to Georgia, an English guide for supporting the cultural and logistic integration of foreign volunteers (or workers) in this country has been developed by The Academy for Peace and Development. Written by two of their workers, Sebastian Schweitzer and Tiphaine Coulardeau, both former European Volunteers and currently working for the European Intercultural Forum e.V., the handbook aims at promoting volunteering in Georgia and supporting successful projects for enhancing the development of the Georgian civil society. The Handbook is available by clicking on the cover icon.