The European Intercultural Forum e. V. provides opportunities to NGO workers and youth to participate in international educational projects such as youth exchanges, seminars, training courses and volunteering projects. On this page, the visitor can find the current calls for participants and volunteers.

Do you want to receive direcly the calls for participants/ volunteers? Please drop us a message at eif.germany@googlemail.com and we will add you to the internal mailing list. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering opportunities or short-term educational projects. Moreover please note that youth opportunities are as well published on the database www.rausvonzuhaus.de under “Last-Minute” and on the EuroDesk Last minute at http://lastminute.eurodesk.eu/

Open Calls

EVS/ESC in the youth and social sector for 2019-2020 in Slovenia!
Our partner “Familija – izobrazevalni in terapevtski center” in Slovenia is currently looking for volunteers for the period August 2019 -August 2020 (12 months) for various placements in the youth and social sector. The project is a group volunteering project with 6 volunteers from various countries. More information here and on the database. Please send a CV and Motivation Letter in English by 20/12/2018 latest at eif.volunteer@gmail.com

EVS/ ESC in kindergarten in Wroclaw, Poland from March 2019 to March 2020!
Our partner organisation Foundation of Social Integration Prom based is currently recruiting 17 volunteers for a large-scale EVS volunteering project in various kindergarten’s in the city of Wroclaw. If you are willing to work with children in an intercultural context with volunteers from across the European continent, this is for you! Here more information about the project.  Please send a CV with picture, a motivation letter and the following filled questionnaire to the eif.volunteer@gmail.com by 01/12.

EVS/ ESC in the Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan in Armenia, 6 months from March 2019
We are currently looking for a volunteer for joining the Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan in Armenia for the period March 2019 – August 2019 (6 months). Three other volunteers from Germany are already on the project. Please find more information about the project here or consult our webpage with pictures/articles from the current volunteers there. Please send a CV and motivation letter by 15/12 to eif.volunteer@gmail.com

EVS/ ESC in the office of Association Polites in Szczecin, Poland (January – June 2019)
For a last-minute replacement, we are currently looking for 1 volunteer from Germany for a 6-months placement at the Association Polites in Poland. More information about the project here (placement nr. 2 page 3). Please send your CV and motivation letter as soon as possible to eif.volunteer@gmail.com