The European Intercultural Forum e. V. provides opportunities to NGO workers and youth to participate in international educational projects such as youth exchanges, seminars, training courses and volunteering projects. On this page, the visitor can find the current calls for participants and volunteers.

Do you want to receive direcly the calls for participants/ volunteers? Please drop us a message at eif.germany@googlemail.com and we will add you to the internal mailing list. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering opportunities or short-term educational projects. Moreover please note that youth opportunities are as well published on the database www.rausvonzuhaus.de under “Last-Minute” and on the EuroDesk Last minute at http://lastminute.eurodesk.eu/

Open Calls

1- EVS project at the Houens Odde Spejdercentre, Scout Centre in Kolding, Denmark
We are currently recruiting one volunteer from Germany for a EVS project at the Scout Centre of Kolding in Denmark for an already approved 12-months EVS project starting on the 1st of October. More information here.

2- Call for participants for the Training Laboratory: Designing Learning for Peace
We are recruiting participants currently residing in Germany or the Netherlands for the educational programme “Training Laboratory” on peace education that includes 2 e-learning modules, 2 residential courses held in Georgia and follow-up events. See here for more details on the programme and conditions to apply. Deadline to apply: August 04, 2017