Volunteering across cultures

Are you ready to embark for the incredible experience of being a volunteer in a foreign country?

Or do you work for an organisation desperately looking for a volunteer from Germany?

We offer many placements under the European Voluntary Service programme. Since the start of our activities, we sent nearly 100 volunteers from Germany to various countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Albania, the Russian Federation, England, France, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, etc. In 2014 the EIF offered 15 placements to different projects all across Europe.

The European Intercultural Forum e. V. is registered as a sending and coordinating organisation for EVS projects under the reference PIC number 947425191 (Link to the EVS database: https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/947425191_en)

As sending organisation, we offer support to the volunteers to find a matching placement to own interest in a foreign country, we check that the hosting placement fits the standard quality criteria and that the working environment is safe for the volunteer. We offer administrative and logistic support (registration for the insurance, support to find appropriate travel options, preparation for the departure, etc.) as well as content-related preparation (rights and responsibilities, EVS framework, intercultural adaptation process, conflict management, etc.) before the departure of the volunteers.

During the stay of the volunteer abroad, we keep close contact with the volunteers and make sure everything goes well. Upon return, we run a complete evaluation of the project together with the volunteer and propose our former volunteers to take part in our activities in Germany and/or abroad depending on their motivations.

Do not hesitate to contact us at eif.volunteer(at)gmail.com for more information!