Peace Education Competence Framework

Erasmus +

Project Dates: 01-11-2014 – 31-10-2016
Duration: 2 years
Partner Organisations: United Network of Young Peacebuilders (Netherlands), Habitat (Turkey), ASHA Centre (United Kingdom) and Humana People to People (Latvia)
Funded by: Erasmus+ Key Action 2, British National Agency

The project responds to needs of young people and youth organisations working with non-formal education in the youth sector. While peace education gained more and more relevance in non-formal youth work over the past years, it is characterised by the same shortcomings that also describe non-formal education in the youth field: low level of conceptualisation and diverging quality, competing or lack of coherent competence framework, lack of recognition.


1- Developing a Peace Education Competence Framework including knowledge, skills and attitudes require, evaluation indicators, assessment methods as well as educational guidelines for achieving the competences
2- Increasing the recognition of peace education by linking the Framework with the Youthpass and Europass certification system
3- Increasing the quality of peace education activities in the youth sector

Project activities

a) Research on a competence framework for peace education

Seven researchers from five countries will analyse existing national and European competence frameworks for non-formal education to create a comprehensive and applicable competence framework and educational guidelines for non-formal peace education in the youth field.

b) Six transnational project meetings for the researchers

To support the development of the Competence Framework the project includes six transnational project meetings during which the research team will meet to discuss their findings, plan up-coming tasks and define the Competence Framework and the educational guidelines.

c) Two Training Courses for youth workers

Two Test Training Courses will be organised to improve the Competence Framework. The training courses are organised for 20 youth workers, trainers and educators working on peace education to provide feedback and evaluation of the Competence Framework in order to make it more user-friendly.

d) Publication of the Competence Framework with educational guidelines

As a result of the previously described activities, the Competence Framework and the educational guidelines on peace education will be published as an Open Educational Resource (OER), both as a paper copy and in pdf-format for the digital version.

e) Pan-European dissemination campaign

Social media and other web 2.0 tools will be used, and five national multiplier events and an international multiplier event will be organised to make the Competence Framework and educational guidelines on peace education widely accessible for stakeholders of formal and non-formal education.


December 7-10, 2014: Kick off meeting of the project took place at the ASHA centre in England, during which the partner organisations agreed on the general terms of cooperation and fine-tuned the planning

February 15-19, 2015: 2nd transnational meeting – Researchers’ Meeting in ASHA centre in England. The researchers of the project met for the first time, shared their understanding of peace education and developed an early work plan for the upcoming month.

February 2015: launch of the Facebook page and of the website of the project  @

June 15-20, 2015: 3rd transnational meeting – Researchers’ meeting at Habitat in Istanbul, Turkey. The researchers discussed the advancements of the peace education competence framework and further developed it.

September 1-9, 2015: First Test Training of the Peace Education Competence Framework to be held at the ASHA Centre.

October 26-29, 2015: Mid Term Evaluation – 4th transnational meeting of researchers and coordinators in Riga, hosted by Humana People to People in Latvia

February 22-26, 2016: Researchers’ meeting – 5th Transnational meeting, to be held in the Netherlands

May 31 – June 8,2016: Second Test Training on the Peace Education Competence Framework, ASHA Centre, UK

(upcoming) September 2016: international multiplier event in the UK to present the final Peace Education Competence Framework / local events in all countries of the partnership / Final Evaluation – 6th Transnational Meeting in ASHA Centre


Designing Learning for Peace – Competence Framework and Educational Guidelines

Photos of the transnational meetings

Photos of the Test Training 1 for youth workers (Sept. 2015 in ASHA, England)