Youth, Peace and Change-Making – Strengthening Youth Capacities for Building Peace

Erasmus +Dates: March 2018 – December 2018 | Venue: Armenia, Georgia
Funded by: Erasmus+ programme, German National Agency
Hosting organisations: Academy for Peace and Development (Georgia), Youth Cooperation Centre Dilijan (Armenia)

The project aims at promoting the involvement of young people as key actors in peacebuilding and change processes by enhancing capacities of youth-led civil society organisations in developing and applying sustainable initiatives ensuring youth participation at local level through youth peace advocacy.

Therefore, the project aims at developing the competences of young activists and young community through a combination of a distant learning programme, guided community assessments and two residential training courses on youth empowerment and the development of youth peace advocacy projects. As a result the participants shall be enabled to guide young people in planning, monitoring and evaluation of youth-lead peacebuilding initiatives on local level.

Objectives of the project:

  • To develop the capacities of youth workers and young leaders for empowering young people to take an active role in addressing community challenges through youth advocacy, particularly for societal and identity-based conflicts
  • To develop innovative approaches and concrete initiatives in forms of youth advocacy projects for engaging young people in peacebuilding and change processes at local level
  • To strengthen the links and cooperation between civil society organisations in Europe participating in promoting youth participation at local level

The project involves 24 youth and social workers from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Turkey, Poland and Germany.

Overview of the activities:

  • April 2018: e-learning module (4 weeks) on youth empowerment and peacebuilding
  • May 14-22, 2018: Residential Training Course held in Dilijan, Armenia, to explore strategic approaches to peacebuilding, youth empowerment in the context of conflict transformation and to prepare a community assessment
  • July – September 2018: community assessment by the participants in their home communities supported by an e-learning module on methods and approaches for designing and conducting needs assessment on local level
  • October 01-09, 2018: Residential Training Course held in Kobuleti, Georgia, on supporting young people to plan needs-based and outcome oriented peace initiatives on community level
  • November – December 2018: follow-up events in the participants’ countries to make use of learning outcomes by starting to plan youth peace initiatives with young people in their home communities

Partner organisations 

Germany: European Intercultural Forum e. V. Berlin (lead)
Armenia: Youth Cooperation Centre Dilijan (host of one residentidal training course)
Belarus: Student Think Tank
Georgia: Academy for Peace and Development (host of one residentidal training course)
Sweden: System&G SE
Poland: Fundacja Studentow i Absolwentow Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego BRATNIAK
Turkey: Ucarli Genclik Dernegi
Ukraine: Chernivtsi cell of allukrainian organisation “PORA!”

Pictures of the Residential Training Course held in Dilijan, Armenia / May 2018

Pictures of the residential Training Course in Kobuleti, Georgia / October 2018