EVS at the Hungarian School Association, Wien

Duration: 6 months (18.09.2017 – 18.03.2018)
Venue: Wien, Austria
Funded by: Erasmus+ Programme, Austrian National Agency
Hosting Organisation: Hungarian School Association
Volunteers: 1 volunteer from Germany

The European Voluntary Service “Language and Tradition” focused on inclusion of minority children by education. The service took place in Vienna, the multilingual and multicultural capital of Austria at the hosting organisation “Ungarischer Schulverein”. The main beneficiaries of the EVS project were minority children, some of them having fewer opportunities. The project aimed to provide equal opportunities for all children, including the beneficiaries of our organisation: children belonging to minority and facing socio-economic obstacles.

The activities of the project included:
– to support the hosting organisation with the implementation of educational and leisure activities for children from minority groups
– to co-organise cultural excursions
– to co-organise activities on the themes of Europe and intercultural learning for children