European Intercultural Forum e. V.

The European Intercultural Forum e. V. (EIF) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organisation which operates on international level in the field of international cooperation and development, peace education, active citizenship, empowerment and capacity development. The objectives of the organisation are:

1. to contribute to peaceful development in the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus by strengthening the civil society and fostering democratic development
2. to provide intercultural learning experiences to youth and adults to enhance intercultural tolerance and mutual understanding
3. to provide exchange opportunities to NGOs representatives to discover and promote best-practices in international cooperation and peace education



04.04.2015 / Kick-off of the training course "Explore your potential"
The training course "Explore your Potential" has started in Georgia. It gathers youth workers from all across Europe to get trained on capacity development for youth organisations. More information about the overal project here. You can also follow the Blog of the project at:

25.03.2015 / Start of the project "Youth Impact" on organisational capacity of youth organisations in Europe
Within the frame of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY), the EIF is partner on a project focusing on strengthening the organisational capacities of youth NGOs in Europe, especially in terms of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL). More information on this link!

02.03.2015 / Events of 2015 in preparation!
Four courses for youth organisations are planned in 2015, all taking place in the Caucasus. The courses focus on capacity building of youth organisations and dealing with the past. You can find more information about the project under the category "Discover the Caucasus".

18.12.2014 / Kick-Off meeting of the Peace Education Competence Framework Project
The kick-off meeting of the Mainstreaming Peace Education: Competence Framework project took place at the ASHA centre on December 7-10, 2014. More information about the 2-years long project here.

03.11.2014 / Start of the project "Explore your Potential"
The project "Explore Your Potential" featuring two training courses on youth work taking place in Georgia and Azerbaijan is starting these days. More information here.

19.08.2014 / Report of activities: Seminar "Crossroad Exclusion and Gender" Armenia
The report of activities of the seminar "Crossroad Exclusion and Gender" that took place on June 5-13, 2014 in Dilijan, Armenia, is published on the EIF website. The project was co-organised with Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO and funded by the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission. If you want to check out the activities and results of the events, check out this link